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16/02: February 2012 FAD E-newsletter 
16/12: FAD 2012 Scientific meeting - Madrid, Spain - May 3rd to 4th 2012 
17/10: 3rd International Meeting on Aortic Diseases  
30/06: FAD e-newsletter june 2011 
14/03: Article "Intraplaque haemorrhages as the trigger of plaque vulnerability" published in European Heart Journal 
8/02: FAD 2011 Scientific meeting (12-13 May 2011, Istanbul- Turkey) 
8/02: 6th European Meeting for Vascular Biology & Medicine Website - Krakow 21-24 September 2011 

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Fighting Aneurysmal Disease (FAD) is a European project to combat all human pathologies related to aneurysms. These diseases are a public health problem in the world : because of the ageing population, in the absence of intervention, aneurysms evolve toward arterie‚Äôs rupture and death. The transnational objectives of the project are to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge, and to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools against aneurysm in humans. The project innovates two different localizations differing in their initial etiologies but similar in their evolution.

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